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Brandini - Barbera D'Alba label
Brandini - Barbera D'Alba bottle

Brandini - Barbera D'Alba 2020

Red Wine

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Item# 83485-20


The Agricola Brandini estate, located in the village of Borgata Brandini in the commune of La Morra and sits at the top of a hill from which it enjoys the most amazing view of the surrounding landscape. They only grow indigenous grape varieties and everything is cultivated organically with a focus on the environment and nature. They produce outstanding wines from Dolcetto D’Alba, Barbera D’Alba, Langhe Rosso, Langhe Nebbiolo and Barolo. The Brandini estate, which includes about 14 hectares of Barolo-classified vineyards, is run by Piero Bagnasco and his daughters, Giovanna and Serena.


Brandini, which produces the famous wines of the Langa region, is "only" 20 years old. In the wine universe, that is truly "young." But they believe that the most important factor when producing these wines is not age, but dedication to tradition. We believe in young, talented, and capable people with clear and achievable goals.