Terre del Barolo - Barbaresco Riserva label
Terre del Barolo - Barbaresco Riserva bottle

Terre del Barolo - Barbaresco Riserva 2013

Red Wine

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Item# FAR07-13

Winery Technical Data

Vine training system: Guyot.
Location: Alba, Barbaresco, Neive, Treiso.
Soil: Clavely-calcareous.
Harvest: October.
Max Crop/hectare: 8 metric tons.
Yield: 70%.
Min. Total acidity: 5 g per thousand.
Min Dry extract: 23 g per litre.


Winemaking: De-stemming, soft pressing of the grapes, fermentation and maceration on the skins for approx. 10 days. During the maceration the must is pumped over in the delestage way to extract the colour and varietal aromas. After two decantetion to eliminate the solid parts came the malolactic fermentation. Then the wine is matured in wooden casks of different status for 12/16 months, with weekly topping-up, tastings and analyses to make sure the wine is developing correctly.
Ageing: In oak casks from France or Slovenia for 12 months and then 12 months in the bottle.