Disznoko Tokaj - 1413 label
Disznoko Tokaj - 1413 bottle

Disznoko Tokaj - 1413 2019

White Wine

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Item# 13661-19


The name Disznóko meaning "the rock of the wild boar" was first recorded in 1413 and refers to a large rock atop a small hill overlooking the vineyards. Listed as a "first growth" as far back as 1732, this 150ha vineyard in the south west of the Tokaji region has long been regarded as one of the region's finest. As with much of Tokaji, Disznóko's fortunes suffered under nationalization during the Communist era. But, in 1992, it was purchased by AXA Millésimes (owners of Château Pichon Longueville and Quinta do Noval, amongst others) who have reinvigorated Disznóko and put in the love and investment required to return it to the top rank of Tokaji estates.


1413 is the year the Disznóko vineyard was first mentioned in a land register. So an apt name for this modern interpretation of Édes (sweet) Szamorodni, a traditional Tokaji wine. Szamorodni is a traditional wine that has been produced for many centuries in Tokaj. The name comes from the Polish meaning “as it comes”: the bunches come as they are from vineyard to cellar. The grapes are not selected one by one (harvesting method for making Aszú wines), but picked in whole bunches with many shriveled and botrytised grapes. After fermentation the wine is barrel aged.