Pedroncelli - Chardonnay - Signature Selection label

Pedroncelli - Chardonnay - Signature Selection 2019

White Wine
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Item# 70600-19


Spring rain and perfect growing conditions during summer accelerated
the ripening of the grapes and we began harvesting Chardonnay
on September 16. The warm growing season with moderate temperatures
offered ideal conditions for the grapes and, as a result, they
had great natural acidity, intense quality and well-developed sugars.
Sourced from four vineyards located at the southern end of Dry Creek
Valley, they benefit from the cool microclimate and alluvial soils near
the Russian River and produce wines of exceptional fruit and balance,
culminating in Chardonnay of great character and quality.


At Pedroncelli Winery, the winemaking goal is simple: showcase the
distinctive fruit of each varietal. This focus on fruit is particularly important
in creating the style of Chardonnay that is our trademark. Due to
the ideal harvest conditions and excellent quality this vintage has high
intensity of tropical fruit aromas and flavors. We use stainless steel
tanks to ferment 88% of the wine, capturing the fresh fruit flavors. The
balance was separately barrel fermented in American oak barrels and
aged for six months before being combined. The barrel fermentation
and secondary or “malolactic” fermentation added some creamy notes
giving a boost of complexity to the finished wine.