M by Michael Mondavi - Cabernet Sauvignon label
M by Michael Mondavi - Cabernet Sauvignon bottle

M by Michael Mondavi - Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Red Wine

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Item# 72364-16/3PK

Product Ratings

James Suckling 96pt
Robert Parker 94+pt


The grapes harvested for M by Michael Mondavi grow at the crest of our hillside vineyard on Atlas Peak overlooking the expanse of Napa Valley. In this special section, the vines produce smaller clusters and berries resulting in a richer, plush wine. In the years working this vineyard, we have come to intimately know the volcanic terroir of this piece of land, and are proud to present each year its very best expression of the Bordeaux grape varieties that we planted here.


The grapes came into the winery early in the morning and were gently transferred into our gentle and precise Pellenc de-stemmer. The berries were then moved into small tanks and allowed to settle for one day prior to commencing fermentation. Press began and we opted for a short maceration time since the small, mountain berries naturally provide ample intensity of color, tannins, and texture. And, finally, into barrels the wine went to capture the delicate influence of oak while preserving the nuances of the fruit and vineyard.


The near-perfect growing season started early, saw ideal weather conditions throughout, and wrapped up right as the valley's first significant fall rainstorm arrived on October 14. Thanks to a steadily mild July and August and then a series of warm days at the end of the growing season, vineyards were able to progress to perfect ripeness, resulting in a fifth consecutive vintage of stellar quality Napa Valley wines.