Eguren Ugarte - Reserva label
Eguren Ugarte - Reserva bottle

Eguren Ugarte - Reserva 2013

Red Wine

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Item# 9215-13

Product Ratings

James Suckling 92pt
PeninGuide 90pt

Winery Technical Data

Name: Las Mangadas, Mondiate.
Year of planting: 1965.
Kilograms/hectare: 4.500. Analysis:
Total Acidity: 5.4.
Free Sulfurous Acid: 22.
UV Index: 51.
Volatile Acidity: 0.6.
Residual Sugar: 1.2.
Colour Intensity: 7.3.
Malic Acid: 0.08.


Barrel: 20 months.
Rackings: 4.
Bottle: 22 months.