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Perlat - Syrah label
Perlat - Syrah bottle

Perlat - Syrah 2016

Red Wine

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Item# 97157-16

Food pairing

Perlat Syrah is the ideal companion for any kind of red meat, game and lamb, stews and aged cheeses.
Decant it and serve between 14 and 16 Celsius.

Technical data

Red wine
Designation of Origin: D.O. Montsant
Grapes: Syrah
Oak: 6 months oak
Alcohol: 14% vol.


The Designation of Origin DO Montsant is located in the centre of Catalonia, forming a ring around the famous and exclusive DOQ Priorat. DO Montsant is known as the "diamond in the rough", because although it is a new DO existing for only a few years, it already has a prestigious reputation throughout the world. In fact, its prestige is growing so fast that DO Montsant is today one of the world's top-rated regions.
Wine has been produced in the Montsant area for thousands of years. It is a very isolated area, depending exclusively on agricultural production methods that respect the environment and which serve as a good example of environmental preservation. Vineyards spread out across the mountainous slopes among olive groves, forests, and stone.


Grandeur and splendour would not exist without marvels like Perlat.
Undeniably sublime: Perlat, the most refined expression of the magnificent Montsant. Just as every pearl is unique and precious, Perlat is a magnificent jewel of nature.