Pocos Huevos Silver Tequila label
Pocos Huevos Silver Tequila bottle
Pocos Huevos Silver Tequila

Pocos Huevos Silver Tequila NV

  • Producer Pocos Huevos
  • Blend Agave
  • Country Mexico
  • Region Jalisco
  • UPC 0 15643 79525 1

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Item# 14933-NV


Pocos Huevos Silver is produced using 100% Blue Agave, selected by a Tequila Master in Aatit√°, Jalisco. It is dutifully distilled with an arduous traditional process; it preserves the notes of the purest & cleanest Tequila.

Tasting notes

Lively platinum spark with a perfect and crystal clear tequila body. Citric, herbal & floral notes combined with a slight vanilla, & sweet caramel aroma. Mild with a hint of agave, herbal, and citric notes. Smooth aftertaste, long notes with a really great body. We raise our glass for you. ¬°Salud!