Animas Mezcal - Espadin label
Animas Mezcal - Espadin bottle

Animas Mezcal - Espadin NV

  • Producer Animas
  • Blend 100% Agave
  • Country Mexico
  • UPC 7-500326-435102

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Item# 14867-NV/6PK


Enter the very special world of Oaxacan Mezcal with Ánimas. Handmade and produced by master artisans, Ánimas is crafted in the town of Santiago Matatlán the “World Capital of Mezcal!” Ánimas was created by a group of friends looking to share their love of history, family and Mexico while paying tribute to their ancestors. Ánimas Mezcals are made from 8 year old agave plants that are cooked in underground ovens with local firewood for a period of 5+ days. This creates a beautiful amber color with captivating aromas and flavors. After the agave is taken out of the oven and left to cool, it is crushed in a huge ancient horse-drawn stone mill (tahona) , allowing the juice to be extracted. Then the fiber, pulp and juice are placed in wooden vats where a slow, natural fermentation takes place. Finally, the remaining juice is placed into copper pot stills to distill in two stages, extracting the pure soul of the agave and resulting in a beautiful Mezcal with each drop.