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Famiglia Castellani - Vermentino label
Famiglia Castellani - Vermentino bottle

Famiglia Castellani - Vermentino 2017

White Wine

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Item# 83378-17


The Collesano Collection celebrates the Tuscan winemaking tradition and passion of the Castellani family for Art and Nature. The Andrea Collesano's evocative graphics are associated with the most famous Tuscan wines, selected and aged in Castellani winery cellars, wines of great value created to accompany the finest cuisine.

Food pairing

Taste: Persistent, full and well balanced by the mineral notes and the bright acidity.


Vermentino is one of the few white grapes that perfectly acclimated to the Mediterranean Tuscany. It loves sea breezes and sunlight and in return provides opulent flavour and radiant freshness. This wine is produced with Vermentino grapes grown in the low-yielding vineyard of the coastal Tuscany. At the arrival to the cellar, the grapes are de-stemmed and softly crushed. By pressing we obtain different fractions of juice, each of which is cooled to 8 degrees celsius for 24 hours in order to favor the natural decantation. The clear must is then poured into stainless steel tanks where the alcoholic fermentation takes place at a temperature not exceeding 12 degrees celsius. About a month after the fermentation, an accurate assesment of the different lots of wine obtained is made to assemble the selected ones to make the final blend.