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Donnafugata - Lighea

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Technical Info

Dialogue with art

"From the disheveled tresses the color of the sun, seawater flowed over the green, wide-open eyes." Thus Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa describes Lighea, the bewitching siren and principal figure in his novel. She has inspired the creation of a complex and innovative wine and an equally original label. "It was not easy to print this label", Gabriella (founder of Donnafugata, with her husband Giacomo) recalled, "and preserve the thousand shadings of colors of Pantelleria Island, painted in the original drawing."

Food pairing

recommended with all types of oily fish, baked pasta in white sauce, fried fish. Serve it in tulip-shaped goblets of medium size; uncork at time of serving; excellent at 9-11 Celsius (48-52 Farenheit).


The harvest of the grapes for the production of Lighea that come from the vineyards located in the cooler districts began on 27 August and ended on 24 September.

Winery Technical Data

Versatile with character: intriguing wines that accompany you throughout the meal, versatile for food pairing
An unforgettable aromatic Mediterranean white, the fruit of the heroic viticulture of Pantelleria, Lighea 2016 is characterized by an ample and rich bouquet combined with a fresh mineral vein.
DENOMINATION: Zibibbo Sicilia Doc
GRAPES: Zibibbo (Muscat of Alexandria)
PRODUCTION ZONE: island of Pantelleria (South-western Sicily); Khamma, Mulini, Mueggen, Ghirlanda, Serraglia, Gibbiuna, Barone, Bukkuram, Favarotta, Monastero
TERRAINS: altitude from 20 to 400 m a.m.s.l.; Orography: complex, typically volcanic, with terrains mainly cultivated on terraces. Soils: sandy, originating from lava, sub-acid or neutral reaction; deep and fertile, well-endowed with minerals.
ANALYSIS DATA: alcohol 12.38% ABV, total acidity 5.7 g/l, pH 3.20
AGING POTENTIAL: to be enjoyed within 4-5 years.


the vines are cultivated, in hollows, low alberello pantesco. The low bush vine of Pantelleria has been inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity as a "creative and sustainable" practice. Planting density from 2,500 to 3,600 plants/ha with yields of 5-6 - tons/ha (2 - 2.4 tons per acres).


Fermentation took place in stainless steel at a temperature of 14-16°C. Aging in tanks for two months and three months in bottle before release.


2016 was a vintage with little rainfall, but not overly hot. To compensate for the low rainfall and help the vineyards reach optimal vegetation-production balance, more than 30% cluster thinning was performed. This allowed us to produce healthy and well-ripened grapes in line with the qualitative objectives of the winery.

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