Pardiac - XO French Brandy label
Pardiac - XO French Brandy bottle

Pardiac - XO French Brandy NV


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Item# 667G-NV


In France brandy is called eau-de-vie, a designation that includes any fermented juice that has been distilled. Most frequently this will be grape juice, but eau-de-vie can be made from apple juice, pear juice, and other fruit juices. The French also consider alcohols such as vodka (which is made from fermented potatoes) and grain alcohols to be eaux-de-vie. All types of brandy undergo the process of distillation which involves heating a fermented liquid, then collecting and recondensing the vapor that is released. Because alcohol boils at a temperature lower than water, the condensed liquid has a higher alcohol content than that from which it came.

Tasting notes

The Pardiac XO is for Brandy lovers to discover all the beauty Brandy has to offer. It shows an elegant amber color as the result of extended aging in oak casks. It develops complex aromas of dried fruits, hazelnuts and walnuts, lifted with vanilla and wood notes. Smooth and full of flavor, the long finish expresses the complexity of the blending and aging process.