Domaine Hautes Garrigues
Domaine Hautes Garrigues

Domaine Hautes Garrigues 2016

Red Wine

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Item# 12514-16


Domaine de Pentelines is an estate of one solid block of 28 hectares. Mr. Hardy has been working his vineyard organically since 1997. “Pentelines”, meaning “gentle slopes”, makes reference to the numerous hillocks dotting the local landscapeIts vineyard belonging to the South of France region, the Domaine is to be found within the “Côtes du Rhône Gadagne” appellation, which has the finest of views of Avignon and its “Palace of the Popes”.

Tasting Notes

A nicely concentrated wine with scents of black fruit, spices and scrubland (garrigue). Generous on the palate, with silky tannins


Most of the vines are trained on wires and pruned in Cordon de Royat (dual-cane, fan-shaped) style, while others, harvested by hand, have been left in cup-shaped Gobelet form. The average age of the vines is 25 years. As for terroir, this is of rounded pebbles such as are commonly found in the Rhone valley, with a clayey sub-soil


Machine-harvested in the mornings in order to preserve the fruit’s freshness. The bunches are destemmed, then follows a traditional vinification, with fermentation-long pump-overs to ensure oxygenation of the yeasts. Vinified at low temperatures, of 20-25°C, so as to keep primary aromas intact. Towards the end of fermentation the pump-overs encouraging extraction are regulated by trial tastings. 15-20 days in the vat, and the de-vatting moment also judged by tastings.