Red Wine E. Guigal - Brune et Blonde de Guigal


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E. Guigal - Brune et Blonde de Guigal
E. Guigal - Brune et Blonde de Guigal

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The firm of E. Guigal, located in Ampuis, was founded in 1946 by Etienne Guigal. Since 1961 his son Marcel has led the estate, and his unparalleled work ethic and dedication to quality have brought attention to Cote-Rotie and other appellations throughout the Rhone that were in danger of being lost, and lifted the Guigal wines to the pinnacle of the wine world. Today, Marcel’s son Philippe serves as Director and Oenologist, continuing the tradition of leadership in the Rhone Valley and uncompromising excellence.


Cote-Rotie is situated in the northernmost region of the Rhone Valley. The Syrah (96%) vine is planted on steep terraced hillsides which catch and focus the sun’s heat, giving the region its reputation and name: “roasted slope.” A small percentage of Viognier (4%) is interplanted with the Syrah, and the two are harvested and fermented together, giving the wine more elegance and lightness. The Cote-Rotie Brune et Blonde de Guigal refers to the fact that grapes from the two areas of Cote-Rotie are used, from the Cote Brune and the Cote Blonde. The historical legend is that long ago a lord deeded the Cote Brune to his dark-haired daughter and the Cote Blonde to his blond daughter. The soils of the Cote Brune are indeed darker, containing more iron and some clay, and the paler Cote Blonde soils have more sand and limestone, and are the home of more Viognier plantings.


After hand harvesting and then sorting, fermentation took place over three weeks, with regular punching down. Aging took place for 36 months in barrels coopered exclusively by Guigal, 50% of which were new. Bottling is without fining or filtration.

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