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Charles Brotte - Grand Vallon Syrah label

Charles Brotte - Grand Vallon Syrah 2011

Red Wine

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Item# 11564-11

Food matching

Goes well with starters, tomato and lettuce mixed salads, taboule, exotic dishes and summer meals.


This wine is obtained by direct pressing. This technique, compared to the bleeding, allows giving less colour, freshness to the wine as well as aroma forerunners contained in the skin of the grapes. Cold settling of the must during one night - elimination of the turbid elements in suspension, and then alcoholic fermentation in thermo regulated stainless steel vat a ta low temperature, between 61 and 64 F (16 and 18 C). The Malolactic fermentation is not processed in order to keep more freshness. Blending of the different young varietal wines in January. Ageing in stainless steel vat. Bottling as from February/March following the harvest.