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Rose Wine

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James Suckling 90pt


As early as in II BC, the Romans settled on the Ligurian lands that has been colonised four centuries earlier by the Phoceans who founded the city of Massalia, Marseille. They developed winegrowing in the region and created the Provincia Romana: Provence. The terroir of the appellation 'Cotes de Provence' presents a complex geology. Two main geological features coexist in the Cotes de Provence: limestone to the north and west and crystalline to the south and east. The western and northern parts of the Cotes de Provence are composed of foothills and limestone ridges sculpted by erosion. To the east, the crystalline massifs of Maures and Esterel stand facing the sea. These are composed in part of rocks of eruptive origins. This wine is the result of a rigorous production method applied by some of our best partner vine-growers. Blending and maturing is ensured by our teams, mindful of constantly offering the very best of the appellation.


The grapes are picked in the freshness of the night at the ideal time to ensure perfect balance between sweetness and acidity. They are then directly pressed at cool temperature, gently. Only the free-run juices are selected from the wine press in order to retain clear and limpid colours. The juice is placed in vats to ferment at cold temperature so as to preserve the fruity aromas.