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Mi Mi En Provence - Grande Reserve label

Mi Mi En Provence - Grande Reserve 2014

Rose Wine

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Item# 12182-14


AOP Cotes de Provence is the largest appellation in Provence. Its geographical area includes 85 municipalities of three Mediterranean departments: VAR, Bouches-du-Rhone and Alpes-Maritimes. The local region is blessed with a wide variety of soils and climatic conditions typically associated with coastal Provence. The vineyard of AOP Cotes de Provence covers about 20,000 hectares, and it provides a majority of rosé wines. MIMI en Provence is a brand new rosé wine with nice design packaging. AOP Cotes de Provence quality wine, pale pink color, delicate flavors; freshness and softness in mouth. Pack in a nice Bourgogne Elégance bottle with glass cork Vinolok. This special packaging enhances the quality of the wine and represents the Provence lifestyle.