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La Chapelle De Meyney 2012

Red Wine
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La Chapelle de Meyney, which means “the Chapel of Chateau Meyney,” is the second wine of the famous Chateau Meyney. The name of this wine refers to Chateau Meyney’s unique history as a Cistercian monastery. La Chapelle is made identically to the first wine, except the grapes used to produce La Chapelle come from the younger vines. La Chapelle is being launched for the 1st time in the USA with the famous 2010 vintage. It is an Aquitaine Wine Exclusive for the entire USA. Flanked by Chateau Montrose (2nd growth) and Calon Segur (3rd growth), the château lies at the center of a single block of vineyards of about fifty hectares (126 acres) on a superbly situated knoll that overlooks the Gironde estuary. One of the oldest estates in the Medoc, Meyney was constructed as a monastery in 1662. The property was confiscated during the French Revolution, and subsequently re-sold into private hands. It was owned for several generations by the Luetkins family, royalists, who also owned Chateau La Tour Carnet (4th growth).

During the 1855 classification, the Luetkins family had the right to present one estate for classification. Torn between Meyney (which had a superior terroir) and La Tour Carnet (which had a more majestic chateau), The Leutkins submitted La Tour Carnet...which was classified as a 4th growth. As a result, Meyney was not classified. However, its location, just between Montrose and Calon Segur, give an indication of the extraordinary terroir, and makes one wonder if it would have been classified either a 2nd or 3rd growth, if presented in 1855. Today CA Grands Cru owns the estate, and under the team of Thierry Budin, Managing Director, David Launay, Commercial Director, and Anne Le Naour, Winemaker, both Chateau Meyney and Chapelle de Meyney are making a comeback Hubert de Bouard.