Red Wine Chateau Barade

Chateau Barade
Chateau Barade

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Technical Info

Presentation of the estate

The Bordeaux appellation is a regional AOP produced in the whole Bordeaux vineyards of Bordeaux. It is 42 600 ha and produced 2,236,700 hl throughout the growing zone of the Gironde department. This AOP is the largest Bordeaux appellation and worldwide best-selling. It meets quality standards set by the INAO (Institut National des Appellations d'Origine). This regional designation is so broad that it covers a wide range of soils.
The chateau Barade vineyard was created in 1956 by Mr Caillard. It covered then a total area of 5 acres. M. Philippe Dard took over the family property and created in 1992 the farming company with M. Laurent Dard.


Up to 5 years reflecting the above notes. After this period, the wine will show more mature characteristics.

Technical data

Region : Bordeaux
Location : Bossugan
Area : 23 hectares
Wine Grape Varieties : Merlot, Cabernet sauvignon, Cabernet franc
Soil type : Clayey and gravel
Vine Age : 25 years
Density : 3300 vines/hectare
Harvest : Mechanical
Winemaking process : Fermentation at low temperature to perserve the fruit. Traditional winemaking

Food pairing

Serve with fillet of duck breast, skewered lamb, grilled rib steak or cheese.

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