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Chateau Berard

Red Wine Chateau Berard 2014

  • Blend 5% Cabernet Franc, 62% Cabernet Sauvignon, 2% Malbec, 31% Merlot Noir
  • Country France
  • Region Bordeaux
  • Appellation Bordeaux
  • UPC 0 15643 47046 2

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Item# 11688-14


The 30 year old vineyard is located on the banks of the Dordogne River, on a similar terroir to Saint Emilion, which is only a few miles downstream. Chateau Berard is located on a geographical break line, and consequently benefits from a wide variety of high quality soil types. The major advantage of this is that the "vintage factor" is regulated by the "buffer effect" of soil diversity. This ensures from one year to another greater consistency of the harvest, in comparison with other vineyards planted on one kind of soil. All the tanks are equipped with a thermal regulation system (hot-cold). Capacity categories: Stainless steel 4700 Hl Concrete 1800 Hl
Thanks to this, the fermentation period is quite long, (25 to 35 days), allowing a soft, optimum extraction, and avoiding any aggressive approach The cellar is very well equipped with top of the line material, while a methodical and judicious process is followed in the wine making process, ensuring the optimum development of each tank.


Mr Mauro Sr took over Chateau Berard in 1972 and replanted nearly all of the vineyards. A few years later, the acquisition of a second estate expanded the core vineyard and over a ten-year period of time this became one single wine farm. Significant changes were initiated in the late '90s, notably a thorough tracking system that runs from the vineyard management program, all the way to wine making practices. Chateau BĂ©rard produced its first organic crop in 2012, after having meticulously followed the 3 year conversion period. In 2014 an interrow grass cover was sowed for the first time in order to naturally limit unwanted weeds in the vineyards. This will be complimented by an acceleration in high density vine plantation.
History shows that the consistency of efforts made in a vineyard bring wines to the full expression of their potential. The switch from traditional agriculture to sustainable growing and finally to organic farming, undoubtedly reflects the increasing focus on quality.

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