Domaine de L'Ile Margaux - Bordeaux Superieur label
Domaine de L'Ile Margaux - Bordeaux Superieur bottle

Domaine de L'Ile Margaux - Bordeaux Superieur 2019

Red Wine

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Item# 12652-19


Ile Margaux is one of the oldest vineyards of the estuary of the Garonne grown without interruption, the vineyard has been planted since the XVIIIth century. When the Bordeaux wines classification was done in 1855, Ile Margaux’s vineyard was part of the property of Château Margaux. Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, it has been engaged in an ambitious sustainable development of the estuary, coastal agriculture based on environmental quality. The Organic certification process was initiated in 2011 and it is Certified Organic since 2015.

Tasting notes

Beautiful crimson color. Aromas of ripe plum, currants, blackberries and fresh tobacco fill the nose. The palate is medium-bodied with supple tannin and well-judged acidity. There is a pleasant fleshiness here with a salinity on the finish that urges another sip.


Ile Margaux is located in the commune of Margaux, in the estuary of the Garonne, between the Médoc shore, Green Island and the North Island. After the merger of Ile Margaux with another island, which both had almond shape, it resembles a heart. Ile Margaux has a surface of twenty hectares (approx 50 acres), of which 14 hectares are vines. Grape varieties Ile Margaux has a special hydrogeological structure: a gradual sedimentation of blue clay and sand layers, alternately hydrated and drained 4 times a day, following the tides rhythm, provides to its vines a permanent protection against heat and water stress or excess. Ile Margaux grows five grape varieties: Cabernet Franc (10%), Cabernet Sauvignon (20%), Malbec (10%), Merlot (45%) and Petit Verdot (15%) a particularly aromatic variety.


Domaine de l’Île Margaux vinifies according to traditional methods and began to integrate modern oenology technologies (temperature management, cold maceration ...). The wine is aged 12 to 18 months in oak barrels, with one third being new barrels. The bottling is done on site.