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Chateau Tour D'Auron 2016

Red Wine
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Chateau Tour d'Auron is a small production estate located just outside the Fronsac Appellation, just 3 miles from Pomerol. It was bought in the 1960s by Jean Milhade as a gift to his wife, Helen. In the mid-1980s it was then gifted to Jean’s son Gerard and his wife Brigitte, keeping alive a strong family tradition. The vineyard produces a mere 5000 cases of rich, structured wine per year, making it one of the more sought after values in the region. their wines show remarkable structure and aging potential. The difference in site from its neighbors owned by Gerard Milhade and his family is striking, as this wine exhibits a much darker fruit and earthy character

Food matches

Red meat, wild game, leg of lamb and strong cheeses.

Winery Technical Data

Location: Near Fronsac, 5km away from Pomerol.
Area: 15 ha.
Soil: Siliceious-clay soil on a layer of iron oxide.
Annual production: 500hl.


The vineyard at Château Tour d’Auron lies on a plateau with excellent exposure just 3 miles from Pomerol. The 32 acre property is planted at a density of 2,850 vines per acre, and the key to the quality of the terroir lies in the clay soil, rich in iron oxides as well as other minerals and nutrients. The clay is particularly suited to Merlot, which is the majority planting at 75%, along with 15% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Cabernet Franc.


Grapes are sorted upon reception at the winery, and, after passing through the crusher/destemmer, are placed in stainless steel and epoxy resin lined concrete tanks. Prior to fermentation, 20% of the juice in each vat is drawn off to increase the ratio of skin-to-juice and give the wine more concentration. Fermentation occurs naturally with wild yeasts. A long 3-week maceration follows, extracting color and tannin, and the wine is then matured for 18 months in barriques. Fining is with egg whites and the wine is racked clear.