Rota 48 Cachaca Silver label
Rota 48 Cachaca Silver bottle

Rota 48 Cachaca Silver NV


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Item# 14663L-NV


The national spirit of Brazil, Cachaca is a distilled spirit made from pure sugar cane juice. Often mistaken for Rum, Cachaca is actually in a category all its own. It is produced from a unique process only using freshly pressed sugar cane juice which results in a more subtle sweetness and a raw, fruity taste. Rota 48 is a beautiful expression of tradition and history.


Route 48 is a name that pays homage to the historic path taken by troops from the 18th century that reaches the Ponte do Imperador in Brazil. It is produced by Weber Haus and brings all the quality and sophistication of the distillery that has been producing Cachaca since 1848. Weber Haus has more than 35 national and international awards and is the most awarded Cachaca in Brazil. It has two important certifications: Organic and Traceability granted by Inmetro, being one of the first to receive the seal of Family Farming in Brazil.