BenMarco - Expresivo label
BenMarco - Expresivo bottle

BenMarco - Expresivo 2021

Red Wine

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Item# 99166-21


Gualtallary is one of the coolest climates within the Uco Valley. It could be compared with Burgundy but is regularly situated in the same pattern than higher Bordeaux or Napa (as far as heat summation is concerned). Soils of North West Gualtallary are typically alluvial. Wind erosion has placed 4 inches of natural vegetation on this soil, forming the first layer. Down to a depth of 7 feet, the soil is rocky and gravelly and has medium size alluvial stones coated with calcareous and mixed with calcium carbonate crusts (caliche). The deepest layer sits over a big river bed of alluvial stones and gravels. The soil is extremely poor in organic material and has a very good drainage leading the plant to go deeper underground.