• Terre Nere

Terre Nere

The Terre Nere estate stretches over 15 ha (37 acres) of property, at an elevation of 280 meters, south south-east, 10 km from Montalcino. 10 ha (25 acres) are planted in vines, in the hamlet of Castelnuovo dell’Abate, on the slopes leading up to the hilltop Castle of Velona. The vineyards are nestled in a setting of rare beauty, surrounded by pristine forests and a microclimate ideal for the cultivation of the vine. All the vineyards are in hilly areas and enjoy excellent sun exposure while being embraced by a constantly blowing breeze provided by Monte Amiata and Monte Nero. The special dark soil gives the winery its name “Terre Nere”.

The grapes are picked manually during the harvest and are then transported to the winery in small baskets. After careful selection of the bunches, they are vinified in stainless steel tanks of 50, 70, and 100 hectoliters. The harvest involves the entire Vallone family, including the youngest member Rachele, with each one contributing diligently. Francesca works in the cellar, carefully monitoring   the long life of the wine. Each section of the vineyard is vinified separately so as to accent its specific inherent characteristics. During vinification the wines are kept at closely controlled temperatures, with gentle pumping over of the marcs to extract the color and best aromas from the skins. During the months of refinement, the wines are decanted often and sampled frequently in order to decide on the correct blending. Next comes long months of care and a gradual evolution, a time during which the characteristic color of Sangiovese is reinforced, the tannins are refined and the wine takes on its characteristic elegance and complexity. The wine destined to become Brunello is then transferred into large barrels of Slavonian oak in the aging cellars where will it stay for at least 3 years, acquiring the values of the most ancient winemaking traditions.

The Vallone family moved to Montalcino in the 1990’s when Pasquale, a bank manager, reinforced his interest in and knowledge of the world of wine when he fell in love with a wild, unspoiled area to the south-east of Montalcino. The micro-climate, soil and exposure make this place perfect for the cultivation of vines. Pasquale decided to give life to his passion, so he bought the land and with his wife Piera and his children Francesca and Federico, planted 10 hectares of vineyards. In 2002, with his brother Gaetano who worked with exacting care in the cellar, he produced the first Brunello Terre Nere.  Pasquale has imparted his knowledge of viticulture to his son Federico, who now works alongside his father and has taken to heart the fascinating work in the vineyards, totally respecting the terroir and the nature of organic agriculture. Gaetano has handed down his techniques to Francesca who has developed a passion for winemaking and while being true to Terre Nerre values, creates a harmony between tradition and innovation. She respects the continually changing life of the wine and within it, she maintains the winery’s identity.