• McNab Ridge

McNab Ridge

As one of the pioneers of California's Wine Industry, the Parducci family has been devoted to handcrafting premium Mendocino County wines for over 70 years. They source only the finest grapes from dedicated growers and strive to enhance what nature has provided and produce wines of distinction. Winemaker Rich Parducci leads a small dedicated group of wine lovers. Their dedication to excellence builds on the family's four generations of experience and expertise.

"We make wine that gets people to ask for a second glass” -Rich Parducci


Once known as the McNab Ranch, the property was originally homesteaded in 1868, by Alexander McNab, a Scottish immigrant. The original property consisted of thousands of acres of land, including the McNab Valley where our winery now stands. Nestled at the back of the valley, McNab Ridge is surrounded by some of the finest vineyards in Mendocino County.

Rich Parducci is a fourth-generation winemaker. His great grandfather Adolph Parducci founded Parducci Winery in 1932. He entered the industry at age 12 and has worked in almost every facet of the industry, from bottling, vineyard, laboratory to cellar. A 1992 graduate of California State University Fresno in Enology, Rich brings a cutting-edge approach which compliments his heritage and the previous generation’s traditional winemaking style. An award-winning winemaker, he makes wines in his own unique style and finds a way to honor his grandfather’s history at the same time.