• Clos Amador

Clos Amador

The family-based estate produces and markets an extensive line-up of Cavas, which are known worldwide for their great quality. Created in 1992, Pere Ventura is the founder of this winery in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia (Barcelona), which takes his name and makes sparkling wines under the DO Cava appellation. It is one of the most exclusive companies in the wine sector, synonym of elegance, style and prestige.


The estate's vineyards are non-irrigated and those where there is a risk of overproduction, a covering of vegetation is used as a self-regulating production method. There is little interference with the vines as we prefer to respect each vineyard’s own ecology. The few treatments applied follow the criteria of organic farming and integrated management. A lot of effort is concentrated on the use of preventive methods to stave off fungal diseases (mildew, botrytis, etc.), and through a stringent control of the use of vegetation coverings, fertilizers are kept to a minimum. At grape harvest time, the grapes are picked by hand at the break of day to save energy on cooling the grapes when they are brought into the winery. The estate actively practices organic farming, integrated pest and disease management.