• Petra


Petra is an ambitious project headed by father and daughter team Vittorio and Fancesca Moretti. At Petra the world-class architect went beyond designing an impressive wine cellar, but also included the outlay of the vineyards in his aim to form a contemporary agricultural landscape.  The Moretti's are also the owners of renowned Fanciacorta wineries Bellavista and Contadi Castaldi. The estate and winery are located in Suvereto within Maremma, Tuscany.

The gravity flow winery was designed by celebrated Swiss architect Mario Botta. The property encompasses 300 hectares, whose vineyards and climate are influenced by the nearby Tyrrhenian Sea. Its soils are comprised of Tufo (volcanic stone), and clay in the hilltops and calcareous alluvial in the lower sites. Attilio Scienza is in charge of the viticulture. Each vineyard site is farmed with total respect for sustainability. Vittorio and Francesca Moretti are also the father and daughter team behind the Petra winery. They were largely involved in architect Mario Botta's project. It was clear from the start that the winery was going to be built with the prefab building parts the Moretti family had made their success with. Also, an idea of Vittorio Moretti was the long, slightly theatrical tunnel dug into the hill, serving as a natural wine cellar lined up with barriques. 

Founded in 1997 in Suvereto’s Val di Cornia, the Petra Winery encompasses a 300ha estate, a third of which is planted with vineyards. The winery, which sits 150 meters deep in the ground with a tunnel-like wine cellar, as well as the vineyard, were designed by the famous Swiss architect Mario Botta, who built the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Tastings take place in a nearby Italian farmhouse, where visitors can savor wines in the most authentic, rustic setting.