Rose Wine Attems - Ramato Pinot Grigio


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Attems - Ramato Pinot Grigio
Attems - Ramato Pinot Grigio

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Technical Info

Food pairing

A perfect partner to lighter salumi and prosciutto, as well as pasta with sauces of vegetables or shellfish.

Seasonal trend

Bud break across all the varieties was in line with the historical norm in our area, and the vines were able to develop in optimal temperatures and to take advantage of normal rainfall.
The fi rst two weeks of June, which are crucial for the development and fertilisation of the flowers, saw fi ne weather and contributed signifi cantly to this year’s generous crop. In addition, an unbelievable growth in the local benefi cial insect population was noted, including ladybirds and earwigs, but particularly bees, those ultra-effi cient pollinators, which built their wild hives in our vineyards.
July ushered in torrid conditions, with temperatures reaching record highs (31.8 Celsius), forcing us to irrigate the deep, rocky soils in the Isonzo area both early in the morning and at night. In the Collio however, natural springs in the Ponca formations provided the vines with a good supply of water, preventing stress during the ripening stage. Between late August and September, all of the vineyards benefi tted from signifi cant daynight temperature diff erentials, ranging as wide as 14.5 degrees. Such conditions are of crucial importance for the metabolism and development of aroma precursors in all the grape varieties.

Technical information

Yield/hectare: 75 quintals
Harvest period: third decade of September
Vineyard practices: manual
Fermentation vats: stainless steel and a part of new oak
Fermentation temperature: temperature controlled, not exceeting 18 Celsius - 20 Celsius
Length of fermentation: 20 days
Length of maceration on the skins: 24 hours at 10 Celsius
Maturation method: stainless steel and barriques
Length of maturation: 4 months in stainless steel, only 15% of the production in barriques for 2 months, one month in bottle
Alcohol by volume: 12,5% Vol.

Terroir and production

Estate and vineyard location: the vineyards are located among the plains and hills of the province of Gorizia
Altitude: 50 metres sea level
Exposure: South, Southeast
Soil type: soils rich in pebble and gravel of various sizes slit in fl ood zone
Density: 5.000/6.250 vines per hectare
Training system: vertically-trellised Guyot
Vineyard average age: on average 15 year

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