• A selection of Sancerre
A selection of Sancerre

A selection of Sancerre

Sancerre is part of the "central vineyards" of the Loire Valley, so named not because they are in the center of the Loire but rather because they are nearly in the center of France.

article originally featured in The Washington Post Jul 9th 2012



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Here are some representative Sancerre wines available in the Washington region. Few are in wide distribution, especially the single-vineyard bottlings that have lower production. If you can’t find these particular bottlings, look for other Sancerres from the same producers.

— D.M.

Henri Bourgeois, La Porte du Caillou 2011 Henri Bourgeois, La Porte du Caillou


Sancerre, Loire Valley, France, $20

A leading producer from Chavignol, a town near Sancerre also noted for its goat cheese (an excellent match for sauvignon blanc), Bourgeois makes a full line of wines from throughout the region. Most widely available here is this lovely Porte du Caillou, but it is worth seeking out Le MD de Bourgeois Henri Bourgeois - Le MD De Bourgeois (★★★, $30), which packs a punch from Kimmeridgian soils of the terres blanches.

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