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Bargain Bottles

Bargain Bottles

This month’s recommendations from Dave McIntyre include a Priorat from Spain and a chardonay from Argentina.

article originally featured in The Washington Post Mar 7th 2012


★★★Exceptional ★★Excellent ★Very Good

Cellars Unio, Senorio de Convey 2008 Senorio de Convey

★ ★ ★

Priorat, Spain, $15

Wines from Priorat, with its hot Mediterranean climate, tend to be huge, ripe and expensive. So when I saw one priced at a relatively modest $15, I opened it with modest expectations. I presumed garnacha (grenache), but the cranberry and sage aromas made me think immediately of carignan and the wild, woolly wines of southern France. The blend is actually 50 percent garnacha, 30 percent mazuela (a Spanish name for carignan) and 20 percent syrah. This is a terrific wine, lively with a sense of energy and a tart fruitiness balanced on a razor's edge by an earthy, herbal quality that lends complexity and depth. Bravo!

Inca Pinot Noir 2010 Inca Pinot Noir


Calchaqui Valley, Salta, Argentina $9

Who says delicious pinot noir under $10 is unattainable? This is another example of Argentina's ability to produce wine that tastes more expensive than it costs.

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